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Magdeburg’s scenic surroundings attract many visitors by offering recreational facilities amidst a multitude of lakes, rivers and forests. Here, camping is a top priority!

The campsites are well kept and meet all your requirements. The following pages provide you with detailed information on the location and services of the Magdeburg campsites as well as the campsites in the surroundings in order to make your next camping trip an unforgettable adventure.


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RV park at the Magdeburg marina

Newly errected in 2017 the pitch is located next to the Rotehorn park and offers a view of the Magdeburg winter harbor with the marina. The city center is within walking distance.
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RV pitch at Petriförder

The RV pitch at Petriförder offers short-term parking with beautiful Elbe view. The park can be used for a maximum of three consecutive days and has no supply and disposal .
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Campsite Barleber See - Magdeburg

The car-free campsite is situated on the eastern shore of the scenic Barleber Lake north of Magdeburg which offers ideal sites amidst trees, hedges and shrubs and which stretches along the lakeshore.
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Holiday Park Plötzky - Kleiner Waldsee

The Holiday Park Plötzky is situated in the midst of a wonderful recreation area surrounded by forests and 24 lakes which invite guests to go swimming, diving and fishing in the crystal clear blue and emerald-green waters.
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Campsite Kolumbus See - Plötzky

The Kolumbus See is an old quarry which was filled with water after work ceased. Here a large campsite attracts many enthusiastic campers from near and far. They have the opportunity to stay for a couple of days, but also for a longer period of time.
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Recreation centre Jersleber See

The campsite with a total of 400 pitches for permanent and visiting campers is located in the immediate vicinity of the state capital Magdeburg, the municipality Barleben and the Mittelland Canal.
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Campsite Niegripper See

The picturesque lake known as «Niegripper See» is located 1km to the west of the German town of Burg in the «Külzauer Forst» nature reserve. Its waters currently cover an area of 120 ha and are directly connected to the Elbe-Havel Canal (via a lock leading to the river Elbe) and the «Niegripper Altkanal» canal.
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