Leisure Facilities

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Leisure Facilities

Here you really are spoilt for choice.

Freizeit in Magdeburg © Marzanna Syncerz

Spend a day of active fun and take advantage of the many offers from the so-called Sport und Freizeitmeile, the leisure and sports area in the scenic Herrenkrug park. Enjoy a bicycle tour of a few kilometres on the popular cycle path of the Elberadweg. Or, pay a visit to one of the cinema complexes where you can watch a film and enjoy a relaxing evening. Also while you are visiting Magdeburg, make sure not to miss out on a German league game of Magdeburg's handball team on its own turf.

If you are more interested in a shopping spree, you can enjoy a day at one of Magdeburg’s many shopping centres which offer an excellent selection of shops to suit all tastes.

If you prefer to just take a break, relax and unwind you have also come to the right place. The essence of the many parks, gardens and green spaces will sink into body and soul. Magdeburg has much to offer here such as the Stadtpark Rotehorn, a scenic garden park in the heart of the city, the Klosterbergegarten and the Nordpark, to name just a few.


Shopping in the city centre

With more than 2.5 m2 of sales area per resident, Magdeburg has proven to be the number one in Germany in terms of sales floor space. The city has become a modern metropolis with much to offer its residents and visitors alike such as easy accessibility and short distances to shopping facilities.
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German handball would not be the same without the SC Magdeburg. The Magdeburg handball team is incredibly successful: ten national titles in the east of Germany, six national cup victories, winner of the German Championship in 2001, five European Cup victories including the only German success in the Champions League so far and three victories in the European Championship for Club Teams.
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The Elbe boasts one of the last natural river landscapes in Germany, with several extensive areas belonging to the «Flusslandschaft Elbe« (Elbe River Landscape) biosphere reserve.
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The «Blue Ribbon« of the Elbe River

Magdeburg?s range of sights, attractions and activities is just as diverse as its attractive cityscape. The river Elbe, for example, runs right through the heart of the city and offers an idyllic landscape.
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Magdeburg Zoo

Magdeburg Zoo is located at the heart of the idyllic Vogelgesang Park. Its well-maintained natural and garden landscape covers an area of over 16 hectares and is home to 1400 animals of 191 different species.
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Garden Dreams - Historical Parks

Saxony-Anhalt is one of the German Laender which has the largest variety of monuments to offer. It also impresses visitors who are interested in Saxony-Anhalt's history and culture with almost 1000 gardens and parks.
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