Hegelstraße © MMKT GmbH
Hegelstraße © MMKT GmbH
Hegelstraße © MMKT GmbH
Hegelstraße mit Palais am Fürstenwall © www.AndreasLander.de


The Hegelstrasse street begins at the Cathedral and runs in a southerly direction. The popular boulevard was built between 1880 and 1920, during the Gründerzeit era, and is lined with magnificent representative buildings. The buildings in the side streets are in comparison less richly decorated and ornamented. In the 1990s, extensive reconstruction and restoration work began which was carried out by the old and new owners. A walk down the Hegelstrasse is well worth your while where you can see for yourself how the many buildings, having highly ornate fronts and richly decorated stucco facades, were restored to their old splendour and magnificence and how the street has been transformed into a popular location.

The Palais at Fürstenwall

The Palais at Fürstenwall, the future seat of the Government of Saxony-Anhalt, deserves a special mention for its exceptionally beautiful design. The western front of the building shows a wonderful combination of Renaissance and Baroque style. It was completed in 1893 as the official headquarters of the Supreme Command, and the imperial family with its entourage used to stay here when they visited Magdeburg.



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