Garten der Möllenvogtei
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Garten der Möllenvogtei (garden of the bailiwick)

The garden of the bailiwick dates back to the time when Magdeburg's old town was created, making it one of the oldest gardens in the city. It is positoned next to Magdeburg Cathedral at the northern exit of the Remtergang.
Garten der Möllenvogtei © MMKT
Garten der Möllenvogtei © MMKT
Garten der Möllenvogtei © MMKT
Möllenvogteigarten mit Magdeburger Dom © Andreas Lander

Since the Middle Ages the garden has probably hardly changed at all, so that the visitor can still see a piece of originally preserved medieval Magdeburg. This includes the only remaining city gate of the Old City of Magdeburg from 1493.

Among the special features of the garden are the valuable stock of trees, niches set into the inner kennel wall, a stone staircase rising to the remnants of the Gangolphi Chapel, and a fountain.