In the footsteps of Martin Luther in Magdeburg
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  • Innenhof der Grünen Zitadelle von Magdeburg ©Andreas Lander

Magdeburg and the Reformation

Luther came to Magdeburg as he was a teenager, attending a school at which taught the “Brethren of the Common Life”, also referred as the “Nullbrüder”, in the years 1497/98.

This brief time in the city by the river Elbe left its mark on Luther. Because of the daily contact to the “Nullbrüder” he experienced the Devotio Moderna, an influential reform movement of the Late Middle Ages that focused on achieving particularly personal and internalized godliness.

Nevertheless, in 1948 he left Magdeburg, because at the request of his father. Luther changed to the school in Eisenach, in the west of Thuringia. Three years later he began to study at the University of Erfurt and in the year 1505 he joined the Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine – against his father’s wishes. A flash that barely missed Luther – so he argued - was responsible for his decision.
After his degree in Theology in Wittenberg, a town in eastern Germany in 1508/1509, Luther became the vicar of the Augustinian Order District of Saxony and Thuringia in 1514. This position brought him once again to Magdeburg, where he visited the Augustine monastery as part of his visitation travels.

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Stadtplan Luther

Walloon Church

Interner Link: Walloon Church
This church was part of the Augustine Monastery visited by Martin Luther in 1516 on behalf of his order.
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Martin Luther Memorial and the Grieving Magdeburg

Interner Link: Martin Luther Memorial and the Grieving Magdeburg
On 26th June 1524 Martin Luther preached about the «true and false righteousness» in that crowded church.
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The Tetzel Chest in the Magdeburg Cathedral

Interner Link: The Tetzel Chest in the Magdeburg Cathedral
In 1524 Magdeburg cathedral was scene of violent attacks carried out by radical Protestants on the members of the cathedral chapter.
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Interner Link: Fürstenwall
The Fürstenwall area dates back to the Middle Ages and contains city fortifications facing the river Elbe and the two preserved fortified towers. Built in 1725, this was the first public promenade in Germany. The neighbouring Möllenvogteigarten (German: Bailiwick Garden) is the oldest preserved garden design in the city of Magdeburg.
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Martin Luther in the Cultural History Museum

Interner Link: Martin Luther in the Cultural History Museum
The exhibition on local history in the Cultural History Museum illustrates Magdeburg as a propaganda centre of the Reformation.
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A model of Saint Ulrich's Church

Interner Link: A model of Saint Ulrich's Church
Saint Ulrich's Church was the parish church of Nikolaus von Amsdorf, who restructured the church as Luther's confidant and the first superintendent of Magdeburg. The church which was damaged in the Second World War, was demolished in favour of a park area in 1956.
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Welcome to Wege zu Luther

Interner Link: Welcome to Wege zu Luther
With other selected nine cities Magdeburg belongs to the Association Places of Luther in Central Germany »Wege zu Luther«. This association gives you lots of information about the reformer Martin Luther.
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