Walloon Church
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Aussenansicht Walloner Kirche © MMKT
Aussenansicht Walloner Kirche © MMKT
Wallonerkiche mit Elbufer ©MMKT
Wallonerkirche  und Petrikirche © W.Klapper
Telemann-Glocke in der Wallonerkirche © MMKT
Wallonerkirche Innenraum ©MMKT
Wallonerkirche Wandskulptur innen © MMKT
Innenansicht in der Wallonerkirche © MMKT


The simple beauty of the Walloon Church is due to their history as a monastery church of a mendicant order. On behalf of his order Martin Luther visited the building, formerly known as Saint Augustine. He preached here on 24th June 1524. When the Great Elector offered the reformed Protestant refugees from Wallonia refuge, the name of the church has changed to Walloon Church at the end of the 17th century.

Further information: During the Second World War the church was completely destroyed by the bombs. The rebuilding started in 1967. Today you’ll find the Telemann-bell inside. It stands in the south aisle and was made by the Magdeburg bell founder Jacob Wentzel. This bell contains a crucifix and a pigeon - symbolized the Holy Ghost. Furthermore it presents the names of the pastors, fathers of the church and vestrymen.

For visitors the Walloon Church is daily open – the building is one of the stops at the route of Saint James.