University Church St Peter
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University Church St Peter

Funded about 1150, St Peter impresses with its massive Romanesque steeple, its Gothic nave modern stained glass. Since 1999 it serves as a Catholic university church.  
St. Petri
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The first St. Peter's Church was built in the middle of the 12th century as parish church of the fishing village Frose. Today's Petriförder was still outside the city area then. With the incorporation of Frose into Magdeburg in 1380, the church was largely rebuilt as a three-aisled Gothic hall church. However, the original tower on the west side with its round windows in the bell-tower remained in Romanesque style. Around 1480, a southern porch in the Brick Gothic style was added.

The destructions Magdeburg suffered in its history has always struck St. Peter hard. In 1631 the church burnt down and couldn’t be used for 58 years. The air raids of 1945 left St. Peter in ruins, only the tower and the vestibule showed minor damage. This time it took 25 years until the church was re-consecrated in 1970.

In 1999, the church was awarded the title Catholic University Church. In the next few years, a new Premonstratensian monastery will be built next to St. Petri.

The Magdalene Chapel

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The neighbouring Magdalene Chapel was built in 1315 as a Corpus Christi Chapel in perfect High Gothic. Later, it became the property of the Magdalene monastery. It is a memorial place for Mechthild of Magdeburg, a famous beguine of the Middle Ages.