Cathedral church St. Sebastian
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Cathedral church St. Sebastian

The cathedral church of Saint Sebastian is the centre of the catholic Magdeburg diocese. Foundet in 1015 it is one of the oldest churches in the City of Otto.
St. Sebastian Innenraum Luftaufnahme © Stefan Feldt
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St. Sebastian romanische Türme
St. Sebastian Altarraum
St. Sebastian Innenraum
St. Sebastian Orgel
St. Sebastian

Directly across the Magdeburg Cathedral and an eyeshot away of the Monastery of Our Lady there is another monument of Magdeburg’s history. The church is the seat of the catholic bishop of Magdeburg.

Romanesque Road

St. Sebastian romanische TürmeThe second St. Sebastian church was built as Romanesque basilica in 1170. After several fires it was transformed into a Gothic hall church in the 14th and 15th century. The original outline, the towers and the transept remained Romanesque though. As a part of the Romanesque Road the church and it's many valuable exhibits form the Middle Ages and modern times are still a marvel.