Guided tour in the villa p.
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Guided tour in the villa p.

In 2012, Magdeburg Puppet Theatre opened the largest public collection of puppets and puppetry accessories in central Germany in its neighbouring renovated listed District House dating back to the year 1884: The “villa p.®”.
Figurenspielsammlung in der villa p.
© Jesko Doering  

The collection contains well over 1500 puppets, marionettes, figures and stories that visitors of all ages can admire, examine up close and, in the case of some of the pieces on display, even try out for themselves.

The tour enables visitors to explore and get to know the diverse forms of the art of puppetry and make the most of an unforgettable experience.

Thursday / Sunday
3 p.m.
1 hour 20 minutes
7,00 € per person
4,00 € per person
Meeting point
Puppetry Magdeburg, Warschauer Straße 25
End of route

Puppetry Magdeburg, Warschauer Straße 25

Please note
Tickets can only be purchased in the puppetry Magdeburg.

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