Travel Arrangements: Time for Explorers
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Travel Arrangements: Time for Explorers

Cultural Magdeburg

Interner Link: Cultural Magdeburg

3 days - from ¤ 119 double room

Enjoy a relaxing and interesting short trip to Magdeburg. The 1.200-year-old metropolis at the river Elbe is one of the oldest cities in the east of Germany and offers a plethora of sights
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Our motto is: Otto

Interner Link: Our motto is: Otto

4 days - from ¤ 159 double room

Experience historical gardens along the river Elbe and the cultural variety of the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt!
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Experience Magdeburg

Interner Link: Experience Magdeburg

3 Tage - from ¤ 180 double room

Would you like to take a short break and get to know Magdeburg, the City of Otto? So, you're exactly right with this arrangement.
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Historical Magdeburg

Interner Link: Historical Magdeburg

3 days - from ¤ 185 double room

With this arrangement we invite you to an exciting journey of discovery on a classic city tour or a fun evening walk. Embark on a journey through 1,200 years of city history and follow in the footsteps of Otto I, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
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Hey Luther!

Interner Link: Hey Luther!

3 DAYS - from ¤ 192 double room

Embark on a search for traces of the great reformer, relax in the hotel's salt cave and enjoy a modern interpretation of food as it was in Luther's time.
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Time Travel - Discover the old Magdeburg anew

Interner Link: Time Travel - Discover the old Magdeburg anew

3 days - from ¤ 113 double room

Historic and modern - this is how the cityscape of the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt presents itself. A time travel through the medieval history of the city into the modern age awaits you.
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Short Trip to the River Elbe

Interner Link: Short Trip to the River Elbe

3 days - from ¤ 119 double room

It does not always have to be the South Sea, you will also receive a cocktail at the welcome in the beautiful Ottovian town of Magdeburg.
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Gothic Landmark at the Romanesque Road

Interner Link: Gothic Landmark at the Romanesque Road

3 days - from ¤ 207 double room

As part of the 25th anniversary of the «Romanesque Road« in 2018, we would like to cordially invite you to discover the historic city of Magdeburg. Explore the Romanesque history of the City of Otto on a guided tour and experience the majestic splendour of the Magdeburg Cathedral.
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Magdeburg - City of Culture

Interner Link: Magdeburg - City of Culture

3 days - from ¤ 115 double room

Magdeburg - a city full of culture, history and sights. Experience the history of the City of Otto during the two-hour city tour, find out everything about famous historical figures and discover the background of impressive buildings.
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