eAT - electronic residence title
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eAT - electronic residence title

Since 1 September 2011, the residence title is issued as a separate document in form of an electronic residence permit (eAT). All residence titles such as the residence permit, settlement permit, EU long-term residence permit, residence card of non-EU family member of a Union citizen, permanent residence card of a non-EU family member of a Union citizen, and the residence permit for citizens of Switzerland (on request), are issued in card form.

The «Electronic Residence Permit» flyer of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Electronic residence permit in credit card format

The electronic residence title is the size of a credit card and comes with an integrated chip containing both personal data and biometric data (photograph, two fingerprints). The electronic residence permit is issued as a separate document; however, it is not a substitute for a passport. It serves only to document residence status, and is fundamentally only valid in conjunction with a valid, approved passport or passport substitute. Additional provisions are also stored on the chip, and are printed on a supplementary sheet which must be kept together with the residence permit.

When do I have to apply for an electronic residence permit?

  • your (temporary) residence title is about to expire – apply at least four weeks prior to the expiration date
  • the passport containing your residence title has expired or has been lost, and you obtained a new passport (transfer of a residence permit to a new passport)
  • you are granted a residence permit for the first time

Important information concerning your application for an electronic residence permit

As fingerprints are saved on the chip, all applicants over the age of 6 must apply for an electronic residence permit in person at the Foreigners’ Authority. Also, applicants must collect the electronic residence permit in person.
The electronic residence permit is produced by the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Office) in Berlin. The waiting period to obtain an electronic residence permit is four to six weeks.

Are residence titles in form of an adhesive label still valid?

Yes, they remain valid until 31 August 2021. Your residence title in form of an adhesive label will not be replaced until the end of its validity period.

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