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At the northern end of the old city of Magdeburg, today's city centre, and south of the B1 road you will find a rampart with a gate, the so-called Hohepfortewall. The "Hohe Pforte", high gate, was the only access to the new part of town which stood before the walls of Magdeburg. It was at this gate where imperial troops under Tilly invaded the city after a month-long siege and brought nearly complete destruction upon Magdeburg.

Only after the Magdeburg fortress was dismantled at the beginning of the 20th century, was the area in front of the old city walls transformed into a park landscape from 1927 onwards. Today the old Mark Fortress can still be admired at the Hohepfortewall which formed an important part of the former defence installations of the city.

The Hohepfortewall itself has now become a scenic link between the northern end of the Elbuferpromenade with the picturesque Lukasklause building and the Universitätsplatz, a large square where the Municipal Theatre is located and where the northern section of the Breiter Weg shopping mall begins.

Size: 1 ha
Opening hours: free access, open all year
Admission: free, dogs must be kept on leash at all times
Parking facilities
Wheelchair access to main areas

Tram no. 2, Pfälzer Straße stop;
Tram no. 5, Askanischer Platz stop