Herrenkrug horse race course
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Herrenkrug horse race course

PferderennbahnIn the east of Magdeburg visitors can discover one of Germany’s most popular horse race courses on the grounds of the beautiful Herrenkrug Park.
It is the centrepiece of an exciting adventure world which offers first class horse races, a public 9-hole golf course, a riding school and the restaurant “Zum Kronprinzen”.
In 2006, the Magdeburg Renn-Verein celebrates its 100th birthday and the planned events of the club are of a nationwide importance which will be broadcast worldwide.
If you would rather go for a ride, the “Reitsportzentrum” and the “Reit- und Fahrverein” at the Herrenkrug Park provide several opportunities.

Admission fees for
horse race events:

paddock 3.00 €, discount fee 1.50 €
stand 4.00 €, discount fee 2.00 €
booth per person 8.00 €
parking space 1.50 €
VIP ticket 40.00 €


Fees for golf course for members and non-club members:

green fee: 25.00 € per week day, 30.00 € per weekend
range fee: 5.00 € per day, 70.00 € per month
golf coach: 40.00 € per hour for club members, 45.00 € per hour for non-club members
lending fee for golf clubs: 5.00 € for a half set, 3.00 € for three clubs, 1.00 € for one club
purchase of golf balls: 1.00 € per ball

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