Baroque Patrician Houses at Breiter Weg
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Baroque Patrician Houses at Breiter Weg


Baroque Patrician HousesOnce an important trade and army route, the Breite Weg (or High Street) developed into one of the broadest and most beautiful streets of the city of Magdeburg. Between the southern Hasselbachplatz and today's Universitätsplatz in the north, many magnificent buildings could be found along the two kilometres of the main street. In fact, until it was destroyed in 1945, the Breite Weg was considered one of the most splendid Baroque boulevards in Germany.
Only two of the baroque buildings on Breiter Weg survived the destruction brought upon the city, No. 178 and No. 179 which were erected between 1727 and 1730. With a width of no more than 6.5m, they belong to the smallest houses of the street.
Windlasses were once screwed into their gables in order to hoist goods up to the attic or storeroom. This is the reason why the cornices below are separated. The decoration work partially corresponds to the elaborate ornaments of contemporary buildings such as Cathedral Square Nos. 8 and 9. After the reconstruction work was completed at the beginning of the 90s, both houses were restored to their original splendour and magnificence. They are living reminders of how beautiful the city Magdeburg was a hundred years ago.