Eisenbart Fountain


Eisenbart FountainIn Weitlingstrasse near the Alter Markt (old market) you can find a memorial fountain designed by Fritz von Grävenitz in 1939. It commemorates the work and life of the famous physician Johann Andreas Eisenbart (1663-1727). Doctor Eisenbart was a gifted surgeon who became famous for his many successful eye, hernia and bladder stone operations. He often attracted his patients with the help of a large stage of travelling jesters, comedians and musicians and therefore he was considered a quack doctor by many of his contemporaries. Still today many pamphlets and poems bear witness to his distorted image as a physician using questionable methods of treatment. In 1703, doctor Eisenbart officially became a citizen of the old city of Magdeburg and he bought the "gilded apple" house in former Apple Street No. 9 for the price of 3100 thaler. He was one of the first physicians to offer post-treatment assistance to patients in the "gilded apple" which was in fact located near today's memorial fountain.