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Special Package offers

Discover Magdeburg - one of the greenest cities in Europe. Why not head for Magdeburg and take advantage of the city’s large variety of cultural and sporting events and facilities on your next short break.

Panorama Festung ©U. Arendt

Whether you are interested in the Blue Ribbon of the river Elbe, the architect Hundertwasser or the Romanesque Road - be sure to take time to explore all the sights and attractions of the multifaceted 1200 year old city which we have combined in our many convenient package offers.

On the following pages we provide you with a variety of offers for every taste and budget. Check out the many packages or specials and book them directly online. Why not come to Magdeburg and enjoy a few days of adventure and fun. All package offers can be easily adapted to include additional components if you prefer to make individual arrangements.

For more information on package offers and specials are presented here, please contact Ms. Beate Morawietz
telephone: +49 391 8380-321
fax: +49 391 8380-397
mail: beate.morawietz@magdeburg-tourist.de 


Magdeburg: Romantic and Romanesque

Interner Link: Magdeburg: Romantic and Romanesque
Come and enjoy a trip to Magdeburg, the heart of the Romanesque Road and the capital city of the German Land of Saxony Anhalt. Let us take you on a journey into the over 1200 year-old history of the former Medieval metropolis, where you will be fascinated.
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Culture at Its Best in Magdeburg

Interner Link: Culture at Its Best in Magdeburg
In Magdeburg, the city of Emperor Otto the Great, impressive historic sights and attractions and a wide range of leisure experiences are awaiting your visit. The Magdeburg Tourist Card is therefore the ideal companion for your time in the city.
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Welcome to the River Elbe

Interner Link: Welcome to the River Elbe
Come and discover Magdeburg, the green Cathedral City on the banks of the river Elbe! With this package, there is an extra-special treat awaiting you in the city: a cruise along the Elbe to the Waterway Junction and back. You can also visit the Elbauenpark, the site of the former German Federal Garden Show, where you can not only ...
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An Open-Air Summer in Magdeburg

Interner Link: An Open-Air Summer in Magdeburg
Enjoy an exciting and eventful time in Magdebueg with this package offer! Come and be inspired by the beauty of the capital city of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt. In the Elbauenpark you can explore fascinating garden art and enjoy exciting leisure experiences ranging from the summer toboggan run right through to the Butterfly House.
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Christmas in Magdeburg

Interner Link: Christmas in Magdeburg
Leave all the stress behind this Christmas and spend a few wonderful days relaxing and unwinding in Magdeburg. Come and discover the city?s sights and attractions such as the Cathedral and THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG, an architectural project by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, with the Magdeburg Tourist Card.
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THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG is the name that Friedensreich Hundertwasser gave to one of his last architectural projects. With its ocean of colours and shapes, 900 different windows, gold globes and sweetly scented flower meadows on its rooftops and undulated floors that rise and fall in gentle waves creating "a melody for the feet", this building fascinates its ...
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Family Fun Activities in Magdeburg

Interner Link: Family Fun Activities in Magdeburg
There´s always something going on in the City of Otto! With its abundance of extensive parks, countless playgrounds and exciting sport and leisure venues and activities, Magdeburg offers a multitude of fantastic experiences for visitors of all ages. Come and visit the "villa p.", which was opened in 2012 and is home to a collection of puppets and puppetry accessories, with your family ...
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