Magdeburg during Napoleon's reign
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Magdeburg during Napoleon’s reign (Years 1806 to 1815)

C. Boehme Einzug der Preussen 24-5-1814

1806 After enduring almost three weeks of siege by only 7000 French soldiers, General von Kleist, who was in charge of the Magdeburg fortress, surrenders his entire force consisting of 20 generals, 800 officers and more than 20,000 soldiers as well as 800 guns. After the surrender, the Prussian garrison departs from the city.
1807 Magdeburg is integrated into the Kingdom of Westphalia and becomes the capital city of the Elbe department.
1815 Magdeburg becomes the capital of the Prussian province Saxony which consists of the administrative districts Magdeburg, Merseburg and Erfurt.
27 houses are heavily damaged and burn down during a fire blast which rages in the Junkersstraße. Funds are raised by public collection to ease the suffering of the victims of the blaze.