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Elbauenpark Magdeburg

With its unique “Seebühne” Lake Stage and the Millennium Tower, the world’s tallest wooden construction of its kind, the Elbauenpark in the German city of Magdeburg is well worth a visit 365 days a year.
Elbauenpark Tulpenblüte
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Elbauenpark Sommerodelbahn
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Elbauenpark Klettern
Elbauenpark Klettern barrierefrei
Elbauenpark Damwild
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Elbauenpark ©

The park, which covers an area of 90 hectares and was awarded the title of Germany’s second most attractive park in 2005, is home to an abundance of different attractions that visitors can explore and discover. It also contains a number of areas, be it up at the vantage point on the park’s 40-metre-high former landfill site or hidden away on a sun lounger making the most of the stunning view over the park landscape, in which visitors can simply sit back, relax and enjoy an escape from everyday life.

Come and enjoy a true garden dream!

A Wide Range of Recreational and Leisure Attractions and Activities

Since being created, the unique ‘cultural landscape’ of the Elbauenpark, which is home to the Millennium Tower, Lake Stage, Butterfly House and a number of playgrounds, sports areas, pieces of art, themed gardens and many other attractions, has cemented its place as one of Magdeburg’s most important landmarks. Be it on one of the park's portable chairs or sun loungers or on your very own picnic blanket, the city’s most attractive sunbathing lawn is the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that the Elbauenpark has to offer!

The park’s wide range of relaxing, entertaining, cultural, educational, health and sports-related attractions and activities has enabled it to establish its own unique profile and become an ideal location for all generations. On top of this, attractive events such as the “Elbauennacht” evening event, the “Ballonglühen” hot-air balloon event, park festivals, concerts and ballet performances have also developed their own traditions and attract visitors from near and far.

The Green Path for Young Visitors

The Elbauenpark also contains a “Green Path”, which acts as a 'green classroom’ for inquisitive young visitors in particular, giving them the opportunity to go on a special expedition in which they can have fun learning about nature and species conservation, biology, history, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

A Garden Dream Come True

The park is also the ideal location for curious individuals wanting to go on a journey of discovery, who can explore its different themed gardens, find out more about nature, puzzle their way through the labyrinth, which covers an area of 600 square metres.

Fans of nature and gardens will also love the stunning designs of the park’s seasonal plant and flower beds, which are incorporated into a combination of a park landscape with a diverse range of manmade features and the unspoilt natural Elbe landscape. Other popular attractions in the Elbauenpark include its flowery waterfalls, rose gardens and gardens of paradise.

An Absolute Must for Art Lovers

A walk through the Elbauenpark is also a must for art lovers, who can discover and observe an extremely wide variety of sculptures and pieces of art or follow mysterious sounds in locations such as the stone labyrinth, the pavilion of mirrors and the Be-Ge-Es music stand area. Those who look beyond the paths through the park will also be rewarded by a number of hidden areas or works of art that invite them to take a break and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation.

Sports Activities

On top of all this, visitors who like to keep fit are also in for a treat during their time in the Elbauenpark! The park is home to a wide spectrum of activities and facilities for sports fans, who can make the most of the assault course, Frisbee disc golf course, skate park, sports area with an all-weather pitch and 25-metre-high climbing rock. When the weather gets frosty in the winter, the park also offers ice-skaters the opportunity to enjoy a few laps around the Angersee lake, and in the summer months, the 400-metre-long summer toboggan run offers endless fun for every visitor! The Elbauenpark is also an ideal location for joggers, inline skaters and cyclists. To top it off, visitors looking for even more adventure can sign up for a session at the high-ropes park (to be booked with the operator), which was opened in 2011, and enjoy tackling a brand-new challenge!

Guided Tours

  • Guided tours of the Elbauenpark or the Millennium Tower are available but must be booked in advance.
  • An audiovisual tour of the Millennium Tower is available in German and English. The headsets can be hired for a fee of 1 Euro plus deposit.
  • Educational activities for schools are also available in the form of interactive outdoor lessons that must be booked in advance.



Elbauenpark zur Elbauennacht © W. Klapper
Elbauenpark zur Elbauennacht © W. Klapper
Elbauenpark mit Wasserspielplatz © W. Klapper
Elbauenpark mit Wasserspielplatz © W. Klapper
Elbauenpark mit Schmetterlingshaus © K. Schladitz
Elbauenpark mit Schmetterlingshaus © K. Schladitz
Elbauenpark mit Kletterpark © Camp6 GmbH
Elbauenpark mit Kletterpark © Camp6 GmbH
Elbauenpark Damwild © MMKT GmbH
Elbauenpark Damwild © MMKT GmbH

The Millennium Tower

Jahrtausendturm © MVGM GmbH

During the summer season, inquisitive visitors can make the most of a trip to the Millennium Tower, the “smartest tower in the world”, where 250 exhibits and artefacts spread out over six floors will take them on an interactive journey back in time and through different sciences that provide a clear visual insight into over 6000 years of human and technical development, from history through to mathematics and right through to physics. Be it operating a water wheel, communicating using mirror writing, exploring scents or turning optical perspectives upside down in the “Magic Room”, the Millennium Tower is home to an extremely wide variety of activities and experiments that visitors simply have to try out for themselves!

The “Seebühne” Lake Stage

This covered amphitheatre surrounded by water is one of the most attractive open-air venues in Northern Germany. Its five stands, which are designed to look like flower petals and provide a seating capacity of 1566, provide a wonderful view of the unique natural environment surrounding the stage, for example the park’s poplar copse, the large “Angerwiese” meadow and the lake itself.

The Lake Stage hosts a multitude of German and international cultural events and shows such as operas, operettas, musicals, dance shows and theatre performances every year.

Its Seebühne Bistro is also the ideal place to take a quick break and enjoy a snack whilst walking through the park or for a pleasant drink to accompany your visit to a performance on the stage.

The Butterfly House

The Elbauenpark’s Butterfly House is also well worth a visit and sure to provide you with plenty of exotic highlights! The tropical world located inside the glass pavilion is not only home to 200 butterflies from four continents, but also a number of giant grasshoppers and plumed basilisks. If you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the world's second-largest butterfly, which boasts a wingspan of 30 centimetres.

The Game Reserve

Wildgehege im Elbauenpark © MVGM GmbH

Nature lovers should also be sure to take a trip to the foot of the former landfill site, where they can observe several generations of wonderful fallow deer with a wide variety of different coat colours. The calves that happily frolic about in the enclosure, which covers an area of 10,000 square metres, are particularly popular among visitors and considered to be among the stars of the Elbauenpark.

The Summer Toboggan Run

Come and enjoy the thrill of racing down the 400-metre-long summer toboggan run, where you can choose how fast you go. Once you have climbed into your toboggan, you will be pulled up the giant slope of the former landfill site before being released to race down the stainless steel chute with its fast-paced curves before coming to a halt at the valley station at the bottom. The summer toboggan run in the Elbauenpark is great fun for young and old alike, be it alone or in pairs.

The High-Ropes Park

Hoshseilgarten im Elbauenpark © MVGM GmbH

The Magdeburg High-Ropes Park, which is located close to the water playground on the “Kleiner Cracauer Anger” meadow, opened its doors to the public on 29th May 2011 and promises visitors an abundance of fun and plenty of adrenaline-pumping action on three different levels containing 70 excellent high-rope challenges and zip wires up to 150 metres long. The High-Ropes Park is located inside the Elbauenpark but run by an external company.

For more information and to make reservations please contact:

The Climbing Rock

Kletterfelsen im Elbauenpark

This triangular, Y-shaped structure located in front of the former landfill site is 25 metres high, making it the tallest artificial climbing rock in the region. With its various climbing routes and different degrees of difficulty, the climbing rock is suitable for both professional and amateur climbers. It was constructed using parts of balconies obtained from former concrete tower blocks in the Olvenstedt district of Magdeburg. These concrete sections were then stacked to form a Y-shape and coated with an outer layer of sprayed concrete.

  • The climbing rock is open to all experienced climbers who have the required equipment.
  • It can be used all year round.

Guided climbing tours for companies, families and young people:

  • Outtrain Dirk Große
    Dirk Große, Ropes Course Trainer with a German “Diplom” degree in Health Promotion
    Weidenstrasse 8, 39114 Magdeburg, Germany
    Tel. +49 391 5560892 or +49 179 5468771

Food and Drink Facilities (only open during the summer season)

“Großer Cracauer Anger” meadow: The Seebühne Bistro is the ideal place to take a quick break and enjoy a snack whilst walking through the park or for a pleasant drink to accompany your visit to a performance on the Lake Stage. For those looking for a bite to eat, the Bistro “Am Staudental” offers a wide range of different snacks and meals in a unique setting out in the open but under the shade of a group of trees.

“Kleiner Cracauer Anger” meadow: The ground floor of the Elbauenpark’s landmark, the Millennium Tower, houses the Millennium Tower Restaurant, which seats a total of 100 guests. The tower terrace also offers diners a wonderful view over the Angersee lake.

The meadow is additionally home to the Café am Rosengarten, which is situated next to the park’s stunning and romantic wild rose garden and is the perfect place to sit back and take a break.

The Millennium Tower

One of the park’s outstanding highlights is its 60-metre-high Millennium Tower, which houses an interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through 6000 years of human history in the fields of science and technology.
Elbauenpark Tulpenblüte
Jahrtausendturm ©
MVGM-Jahrtausendturm ©
MVGM-Jahrtausendturm ©


The Millennium Tower was created for the German Federal Garden Show in 1999 and is a masterpiece in terms of both its architecture and content. The mastermind behind the overall artistic design of this unique glued timber construction, which soars to a height of 60 metres and boasts an integrated exhibition, was the Swiss sculptor Johannes Peter Staub.

The Millennium Tower in the Elbauenpark in Magdeburg contains plenty of surprises and has even broken a few records, with its height of 60 metres making it the world's largest wooden construction of its kind. Around 70,000 visitors come and delve into the magical world of science housed in the tower every season and when it first opened on the occasion of the German Federal Garden Show in 1999, it even attracted 1.5 million guests.

The ramp and viewing platform on the outside of the tower offer visitors a breathtaking panoramic view over the Elbauenpark and towards the city of Magdeburg. If the weather is particularly good, you might even catch a glimpse of the Brocken mountain.

A Special Venue

The tower contains a total of around 400 exhibits and artefacts, most of which are self-explanatory. 150 of the items in the tower are interactive exhibits, meaning that visitors can even try them out for themselves! Be it operating a water wheel, communicating using mirror writing, exploring scents or turning optical perspectives upside down in the “Magic Room”, the Millennium Tower aims to provide an exciting hands-on experience. This interactive approach makes the exhibition extremely interesting and a particularly popular destination for school trips.

The tower provides its visitors with an insight into the different worlds of science, from history through to mathematics, chemistry and physics and right through to modern forensic science. Each of its six levels injects life into a different era, from ancient Egypt through to the modern age, resulting in an overall presentation of 6000 years of human history.

Visitors often fondly refer to the building as the “smartest tower in the world” because its six different floors with 250 exhibits and artefacts provide a clear overview of how the world and mankind have changed over the past 6000 years. The tower’s interactive hands-on journey through time is open throughout the summer season, from April to October.

A Special Venue

The unique setting of the tower’s 20-metre-high domed hall also makes it an excellent venue for sophisticated evening events for up to 500 guests, for example receptions, presentations, fundraising events, congress and conference events, variety shows and fashion shows.

The historical lecture room on Level 4.1 is the ideal venue for talks, presentations or information events for up to 100 people.


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