Otto-von-Guericke-Museum Lukasklause

Otto-von-Guericke-Museum Lukasklause



The Welsche Turm, a tower which forms part of the Lukasklause building of today, was mentioned for the first time in 1279 in an official document, the so-called Schöppenchronik. For a long time the tower belonged to the medieval city wall. It was partially destroyed when General Pappenheim's army invaded Magdeburg in 1631 during the Thirty Year War. Under Swedish patronage, however, the engineer Otto von Guericke was entrusted with the reconstruction of the fortress installations, the bridges over the river Elbe and also the tower which was meant to become a bastion.

In 1900, the St. Lukas art society took over the building, extended the tower and added another building. Since 1904 it has been known as the Lukasklause in honour of the patron of painters St. Lukas.
Since 29th June 1995, the Lukasklause hosts the Otto von Guericke Museum
which is taken care of by the Otto-von-Guericke-Gesellschaft e. V., the Otto von Guericke Society. Today the tower still impresses its visitors with the following facts: It is 21.70m high and 11.42m wide and the walls of the ground floor are as thick as 1.42m.

The Lukasklause is located directly next to the Elberadweg cycle path. On the occasion of the 3rd Elbe Cycle Day on 8th May 2005, an information point and resting place was opened at the Lukasklause. A stop for cyclists in front of a museum dedicated to the inventor of the air pump, fancy that! In addition, special stands are installed where you can lock up your bicycle.

On the banks of the river Elbe next to the Lukasklause a landing stage for sports boats has been added which allows water sport enthusiasts to dock safely before enjoying a visit to the Lukasklause.

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