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Welcome to Magdeburg, City of Otto

Nowadays, the face ot the city of Magdeburg is not only characterised by impressive historic medieval buildings, quaint Baroque facades and monumental districts from the "Gründerzeit" period, but also by its modern architecture, for example a masterpiece by Friedensreich Hundertwasser: THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG.

Magdeburg´s range of sights, attractions and activities is just a diverse as its attractive cityscape. The river Elbe, for example, runs right through the heart of the city and offers an idyllic landscape that is the perfect setting for boat trips, bicycle tours, walks and strolls.
Magdeburg is also home to a number of extensive parks that offer plenty of space for anyone looking to play sport or simply chill out and relax. In the warm summer months, these green spaces are transformed into open-air venues for a variety of events ranging from jazz festivals through to theatre performances.


Discover Magdeburg!

Magdeburg Cathedral, dedicated to St. Maurice and St. Catherine

Magdeburg Cathedral, dedicated to St. Maurice and St. Catherine

Magdeburg Cathedral is the first Gothic-style cathedral to be constructed on German soil, one of the largest church buildings in Germany and ...

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One of Magdeburg’s most eye-catching attractions for visitors is also one of the last architectural masterpieces designed by the artist ...

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Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady

The Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady is the most important venue for contemporary art and sculpture in the state of Saxony-Anhalt and is one of the region's most popular tourist attractions.

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Elbauenpark Magdeburg

The Elbauenpark

With its unique “Seebühne” Lake Stage and the Millennium Tower, the world’s tallest wooden construction of its ...

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Waterway Junction

Discover the Waterway Junction Cruises offered by the Weiße Flotte
Cruises offered by the Weiße Flotte
The so-called ...

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Alter Markt mit Magdeburger Reiter

Old Market with the Magdeburg Horseman

In the heart of the city at the Old Market (Alter Markt) you can admire the so-called Magdeburg Horseman, ...

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Saint John's Church

St. John's Church

St. John's Church is Magdeburg's oldest parish church, which was first mentioned in 941. The western section of the ...

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Stadtpark Rotehorn

Stadtpark Rotehorn

The Stadtpark Rotehorn is one of the most scenic German garden parks fashioned in English style where the green ...

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