Bicycle-Architectour "On the left and right banks of the Elbe"

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Bicycle-Architektour "On the left and right banks of the Elbe"

If you like cycling, weather you're a guest or a “native“, and you're also interested in seeing the unique architecture of past, present and future from another point of view, the architektour is made for you.
Bicycle-Architektour On the left and right banks of the Elbe
Cycle along the Monastery of our Lady where Romanesque design and modern art meet, get to know the Bauhaus style town hall and drive through its' horse gate. Marvel at the rapid change of architectural influences when you compare, the MDR media broadcasting centre, the settlement Cracau or the state archive with the new architecture of the experimental factory, the Universität with its' outstanding library and the new installation in the Wallonian church.
May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th
14 p.m.
2 hours
15,00 € per operson
Meeting point
Domplatz Magdeburg, stone chess board
End of route
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Bicycle can not be provided

Individual tours can be arranged

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