"Mein Besuch schläft besser" promotion campaign

"Mein Besuch schläft besser" promotion campaign 

sleeping coupleFeel free to invite friends and family to enjoy a wonderful stay in Magdeburg. Why not take advantage of the "Mein Besuch schläft besser" (my visitors sleep better) campaign which is a joint promotional offer by Magdeburg hotels.  

This year again, the hotels in Magdeburg make it easy for you to become an "ambassador" for Magdeburg.
Many of the hotels offer special discounts and reduced weekend rates as well as favourable additional offers for the Magdeburg locals who wish to find hotel accommodation for their guests.
Well furnished hotel rooms, comfortable beds and excellent service are offered at discount rates including great additional services. As the host, you can enjoy breakfast in the morning with your guests at half price - a special treat provided by many accommodation facilities. Why not enjoy a perfectly relaxed morning with your visitors without having all the hassle of preparation?

And why make your guests sleep on your couch? Don’t hesitate - invite your friends and family!

The Magdeburg Marketing Kongress und Tourismus GmbH and the Stadtmarketing Pro Magdeburg e.V. wish you and your guests a pleasant stay and a wonderful time together in the green Cathedral City on the banks of the river Elbe.