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Portrait of Magdeburg

With 1200 years of rich and colourful history, Magdeburg is one of the oldest cities in the new Laender of the former East Germany. There are only few cities in Central Europe which compare to Magdeburg in terms of its eventful historical past.

Magdeburg entdecken © www.AndreasLander.deMagdeburg was once an imperial palatinate, a member of the Hanseatic League and a Prussian Fortress which has been marked by unfathomable war and destruction. However, Magdeburg allowed the currents of time to take it into a new future full of possibilities; the city was reconstructed and a particular importance was attached to the maintenance, care and preservation of cultural goods.

On the following pages you will find information, details and facts on the city as well as on its most famous sights and attractions and personalities.

TOP-Sights of Magdeburg

Magdeburg Cathedral

Magdeburg Cathedral is the first Gothic-style cathedral to be constructed on German soil, one of the largest church buildings in Germany and the most famous attraction in the City of Otto.

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The Green Citadel

One of Magdeburg's most eye-catching attractions for visitors is also one of the last architectural masterpieces designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

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Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady

The Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady is the most important venue for contemporary art and sculpture in the state of Saxony-Anhalt and is one of the region's most popular tourist attractions.

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The Elbauenpark

With its unique “Seebühne” Lake Stage and the Millennium Tower, the world’s tallest wooden construction of its ...

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Waterway Junction

The water-saving lock Rothensee and the longest canal bridge in Europe, the double ship lift Hohenwarthe and the connecting canals are all part of a gigantic project. Take advantage of a tour to the Waterway Junction to marvel at the many technical attractions.

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Old Market with the Magdeburg Horseman

In the heart of the city at the Old Market (Alter Markt) you can admire the so-called Magdeburg Horseman, ...

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Stadtpark Rotehorn

The Stadtpark Rotehorn is one of the most scenic German garden parks fashioned in English style where the green heart of the city beats.

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Magdeburg sights and attractions

Visitors who want to marvel at every single sight and attraction available in the German city of Magdeburg, the City of Otto, certainly have a busy time ahead!
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Magdeburg Zoo

Magdeburg Zoo is located at the heart of the idyllic Vogelgesang Park. Its well-maintained natural and garden landscape covers an area of over 16 hectares and is home to 1400 animals of 191 different species.
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Romanesque Road

The Romanesque Road is extremely popular among German and international visitors. Nowhere else in Germany can you enjoy such a rich Romanesque heritage as in the Saxony-Anhalt of today.
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Parks and Gardens

Magdeburg is one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are only few cities which can compete with such a variety of parks and gardens.
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City Hopping - Discover the Best of World Culture in Saxony-Anhalt

Come and visit the cultural highlights of the German federal country of Saxony-Anhalt, your perfect holiday destination! In the tourism project «City Hopping - Towns and Cities between the Harz Region and the River Elbe»!
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