Magdeburg becomes a metropolis

Magdeburg becomes a metropolis (Years 1867 to 1899)

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1867 The village of Sudenburg is incorporated into the urban district of the city.
1871 The negotiations between Magdeburg and the tax authorities concerning the purchase of the southwest area are completed. In the following years, more buildings are erected in the areas south and west of the old city.
Magdeburg has a population of 84,401, including the military population. The old city centre is home to 74,633 inhabitants.
1873/74 The Central Station is built.
1876 The municipal theatre between Hasselbachstraße and Viktoriastraße is opened.
1886/87 The villages of Neustadt with 29,032 inhabitants and Buckau with 17,530 inhabitants are incorporated into the urban district of the city. The Luther monument in front of St. John’s Church is unveiled.
1891 The German Metalworker Association is founded, and the Mechanical Engineering School opens its gates. It is well-known for the education of technicians in the metal industry and mechanical engineering as well as for the professional training of head-workmen.
1893 The commercial port, the slaughterhouse and the stockyard as well as the municipal museum at Domplatz 5 are inaugurated.
1895 - 99 The main post office is erected At Breiter Weg.
1896 One of the most famous sports clubs of Magdeburg, Viktoria 96, is founded. It was first established as a football club, however in 1898 it extends its scope to offer athletics and other kinds of sport. In 1920, Viktoria 96 has 738 members.
The municipal Gruson Greenhouses are opened to the public. The much admired plants come from Hermann Gruson’s collection.
The cornerstone of the new German Reformed Church is laid at Kaiser-Otto-Ring. The old church was replaced by the newly constructed main post office.
In Wilhemstadt (Stadtfeld district) St. Paul’s Church is inaugurated.
For the first time, some sections of Magdeburg's High Street Breiter Weg are fitted with electric light.
1899 The electric tram is put into operation in Magdeburg.