The Hohepfortewall is located at the northern border of the Old City of Magdeburg, today's city center, south of the Bundesstraße 1.
Plastik "Tor" im Hohepfortewall © MMKT
Hohepfortewall © MMKT

The so-called "Hohe Pforte" (High Gate) was the only access to the the walls of Magdeburg comming from new town. It was also through it this gate Tilly's troops entered the city during the Thirty Years' War after months of siege and destroyed it completely.

In 1927 after the Fortress Magdeburg was dissolved at the beginning of the 20th century the area in front of the walls of the old town was redesignated as a park. The Mark Fortress, part of the city's defenses, can still be found today at the Hohepfortewall.

Today, the complex forms the transition from the northern end of the Elbe bank promenade with the Lukasklause to the University Square with the Theater and the northern section of the Breiter Weg shopping boulevard.