Goetheanlagen (Goethe Gardens)


The green spaces of the Goethe Park are part of the so-called Schrote green belt. In the Stadtfeld district, this belt follows the course of the river Schrote which enters Magdeburg from the east, meanders through the city area, sometimes running through underground channels, and finally flows into the river Elbe in the north of Magdeburg.
Goethe Anlagen 1
SP039 Goethestraße
Goethe-Anlagen © MMKT GmbH (6)
Goethe-Anlagen © MMKT GmbH (1)
After the destruction of Magdeburg in the Thirty Year’s War, it was here in this green belt that the first allotment gardens were cultivated and garden houses were built. However, in the 18th century they were again destroyed to make way for the extension of the Magdeburg fortress.

In the middle of the 19th century, the eastern part of the Schrote green belt was again transformed into allotment gardens, and after 1900 they were extended by an agglomerate of many garden plots in the southern area of today's Goethe Gardens.

It was only at the end of the 19th century and after the construction of the Goethe Street that the Goethe Garens  emerged in its final guise: The park is now dotted with large seating areas and playgrounds as well as spacious lawns. It serves as a green and traffic-free area for leisure between the city centre and the eastern districts Stadtfeld and Diesdorf.