Glacis area

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Glacis area

In the 19th century the Glacisanlage was built west of the old town and the later built railroad line with the central station, which stretches along the Saxony, Adelheid and Editha rings as a green belt.

Glacis-Anlagen © MMKT
Glacis-Anlage ©MMKT
Glacis-Anlage ©MMKT

The name Glacis originally refers in military terms to the open field in front of a fortress, making it clear that the glacis grounds - like the Geschwister-Scholl-Park or the Fürstenwall park- owe their origins to the former fortress character of the old city of Magdeburg

This green belt was originally planned by Peter Joseph Lenné after 1824 as a link between the Volksgarten, today the Klosterbergegarten, and the green areas north of the center, such as today's Nordpark. A network of parks was thus created, making it possible to almost completely circle the city center without having to leave the park.

Due to city expansions in the 1870ies, this network also had to be changed. This time it was up to garden director Paul Niemeyer to continue the planning and to preserve the natural character of the city.

Today the glacis area is unfortunately no longer completely preserved, as it was divided with the construction of the Magdeburg city highway.