Elbe bank promenade

Elbe bank promenade

While strolling along the promenade you can enjoy wonderful views of the city of Magdeburg and its sights.
Am Fürstenwall © MMKT GmbH
Elbpromenade © MMKT GmbH
Stadtmauer Weg © S.Wosch

In front of the gates of the Old City of Magdeburg, on the banks of the Elbe along the city wall from today's Lukasklause to the Cathedral Rock, there have been settlements since the Middle Ages, which were shaped by the industrialization of Magdeburg. 

However, the area was so badly destroyed in the 2nd World War that it was decided against reconstruction. In the 1970s, a four-kilometer long, green promenade was created here, in which numerous sculptures, fountains and seating areas alternate with many lush seasonal and perennial plants.

Here you will find sculptures recalling Magdeburg's rich and colourful past such as The Ferryman designed by Eberhard Roßdeutscher. Take a stroll along the Elbuferpromenade and enjoy the impressive river landscape of the old city of Magdeburg dominated by medieval churches and other beautiful sites.