Breiter Weg

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Breiter Weg

The Breiter Weg, Magdeburg’s High Street, with its long and colourful history is where the pulse of the city beats fast.

Breiter Weg © MMKT GmbH
Breiter Weg © MMKT GmbH
Breiter Weg © MMKT GmbH

First mentioned in 1207, the Breiter Weg has always been the mainline of Magdeburg, a high street throbbing with life which runs from Hasselbachplatz to Universitätsplatz.
Renowned as one of the most splendid Baroque boulevards in Germany, this architectural gem was not spared in the disastrous destruction of the old city centre during the Second World War. Today the only two remaining buildings on Breiter Weg No. 178 and 179 - which were erected after the Thirty Year War - are a fine example of the bygone flair of the splendid Baroque boulevard.

The Breiter Weg is again about to become what it once was: a popular shopping street. Why not come and see for yourself what the Breiter Weg has to offer with its manifold shops to choose from.  Much has changed, however a leisurely stroll along the old high street is always worth your while. In the last couple of years the northern part of the Breiter Weg has been renovated and today it offers a large variety of shopping facilities. In particular at the junction of Breiter Weg and Ernst-Reuter-Allee you can feel the pulsating rhythm of the city. Located here are the Karstadt department store, the Allee-Center and the Ulrichshaus.

The southern part of the Breiter Weg which extends to Hasselbachplatz is dominated by beautifully restored Gründerzeit buildings which appear in all their splendour. Magdeburg’s high street has a total length of 2.2km where the Breiter Weg is lined by many historical buildings such as the main post office which was erected in late Dutch Gothic and German Renaissance style as well as the Old Market with its old Town Hall.

The northern part of Breiter Weg acts as a modern counterpart with its busy Universitätsplatz, the theater magdeburg, university buildings and administrative centres.

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