Famous Magdeburg Personalities

In Magdeburg, you can follow the footsteps of many famous personalities such as Germany’s air pioneer Hans Grade and his first attempts to fly, or Martin Luther who revolutionised the world, to name only a few.

Other important sons of the city were Henny Porten, Carl Leberecht Immermann, Johann Heinrich Daniel Zschokke and Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who became famous for their work.

Outstanding artists and architects such as Richard Wagner, Richard Taut and Peter Joseph Lenné left their lasting marks on Magdeburg and its history. Eike von Repgow, Till Eulenspiegel, Johann Andreas Eisenbarth and Queen Luise of Prussia, who was much loved and revered by the citizens, are inseparably connected to Magdeburg as are important mayors who did their best to serve the city and strongly promote the development of the community.


Otto von Guericke

The great son of the city is remembered as a diplomat and scientist, a universal genius. Otto von Guericke put his life in the service of his hometown and of natural science. He appeared politically gifted, but at the same time was, body and soul, an engineer and physicist.
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Kaiser Otto der Große

Otto I was the most influential character of Central Europe during the whole of the 10th century. As the Duke of Saxony, he reinforced the Ottonic-Salian empire church system, with the high clergy supporting his power.
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Friedrich von Steuben

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was one of the heroes of the North American Independence War, lasting from 1775 to 1783. He served in the Prussian army as an officer, and for a time was one of the aide-de-camps to Friedrich the Great.
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Georg Philipp Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann, alongside Johann Sebastian Bach and George Friedrich Haendel, was one of the great composers of the bourgeois Enlightenment. He was one of the most famous composers of his time who left behind an extensive and varied amount of work, including more than fifty operas and hundreds of instrumental compositions.
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Hermann August Jacques Gruson

Hermann August Jacques Gruson was born the son of a Magdeburg citizen where he acquired great recognition in the establishment of the Prussian railway as the engineer Major and construction supervisor of the railroad between Magdeburg and Leipzig. Gruson followed in his father's footsteps by developing new military and civil applications for chilled cast iron.
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Martin Luther

Martin Luther is one of the outstanding individuals involved in German history and boasts an international standing. As an Augustine monk, he became a Theologian and Professor and initially tried to achieve necessary reforms without splitting the church.
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Queen Edith

«EDIT REGINE CINERES HIC SARCOPHAGVS HABET...« / «The recovered remains of Queen Edith lie in this sarcophagus ...«
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