Theater Magdeburg - Schauspielhaus

Theater Magdeburg: Schauspielhaus

Come and experience Magdeburg Theatre and its “Schauspielhaus” theatre venue by the “Hasselbachplatz” square and Opera House in the “Universitätsplatz” square.
Schauspielhaus mit Außenansicht © N. Böhm
Schauspielhaus mit "Der Spieler" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Der Besuch der alten Dame" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Guericke-Labyrinth" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Schwestern" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Säddisfäktschn" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Kleiner Mann, was nun" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Faust. Der Tragödie zweiter Teil" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Faust. Der Tragödie erster Teil" © Theater Magdeburg
Schauspielhaus mit "Die Olsenbande" © Theater Magdeburg

Alongside the performances in its daily repertoire, Magdeburg Theatre’s “Schauspielhaus” also offers a varied programme of additional events such as “Nachtschicht” evening shows, jazz sessions and many more.

Magdeburg Opera House boasts an impressive programme containing a wide variety of performances and events ranging from spectacular operas through to symphony concerts, operettas through to musicals featuring top performers and classical ballets through to theatre evenings stretching across a range of genres.

The theatre plays an important role for the residents of Magdeburg and visitors to the city as both an artistic haven and a location in which they can reflect on their own personal lives. Its active commitment to internationality and openness make it an inspiring venue with a brilliant reputation both in Magdeburg and throughout Germany. Magdeburg Theatre additionally represents a dynamic link between local affairs and internationality stretching far beyond the German borders. On top of all this, it is also particularly committed to supporting and promoting young talent in all areas of performing arts.


The box office at the “Schauspielhaus” is only open an hour before each performance for tickets for the day’s performance.

Tickets are also available in advance at the box office of the Opera House.

10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7:30pm


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