Barrier-free tourism in Ottostadt Magdeburg
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Barrier-free tourism in Ottostadt Magdeburg

Magdeburg is proud to call itself Ottostadt. Magdeburg is 1,200 years old, making it one of the oldest cities in Germany's eastern federal states.

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Few other places in central Europe have quite such a fascinating past. A former imperial seat, Hanseatic power and Prussian fortified town, Magdeburg has been rebuilt time and time again, with the preservation of its cultural riches always of paramount importance. Allow this wonderful city to captivate you!
Die Ottostadt Magdeburg hat ihr kulturelles Erbe bewahrt und mit der Lebendigkeit einer modernen Großstadt vereint.

Magdeburg, the regional capital of Saxony Anhalt and a city of some 231,000 people, is happy to acknowledge the two famous Ottos that have shaped its history: Otto the Great, Holy Roman Emperor, and Otto von Guericke.

Otto the Great was extremely enamoured with Magdeburg and bestowed a magnificent cathedral upon the city. Otto von Guericke – famed for the Magdeburg hemispheres, which he designed to demonstrate air pressure – was Magdeburg's mayor and played a decisive role in the city's history after the Thirty Years' War. Ottostadt Magdeburg has preserved its cultural heritage and combined this with the vitality of a modern urban centre.

This ancient city is well worth a visit at any time of the year. It can boast a multitude of attractions, a colourful history spanning more than 1,200 years, a broad programme of arts and entertainment, plus great shopping and spas.
Magdeburg also lives up to its popular description as the leafy cathedral city on the Elbe, thanks to its superb parks and long riverside meadows that are perfect for long walks, cycle tours and picnics. Restaurants and cafés are opening up all the time along the waterfront – which is good news for visitors!
This is also a city of culture. Theatres in Magdeburg offer a wide choice of entertainment ranging from musicals to ballet, so there's sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.
Welcome to Ottostadt Magdeburg.

Magdeburg is situated on the Elbe river and has plenty to offer visitors both on and alongside the water. Restaurants and cafés are opening up all the time along the waterfront. These are popular meeting places for cyclists following the Elbe Cycle Route, as well as for locals of all ages at the weekend. The riverside urbanisation has been gentle though, and the Elbe remains a natural, unspoilt waterway here with no weirs or barrages.

Experience Magdeburg - without barriers

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Take a guided tour around Ottostadt Magdeburg and see the city's finest sights, before enjoying a delicious meal of regional specialities. Round the trip off with a tour of THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG - Friedensreich Hundertwasser's final architectural project.
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