Time for Action

Time for Action

Ride your Bicycle in Magdeburg!

3 days - from ¤ 82 double room

Experience Magdeburg's sights, large gardens and the unique Elbe floodplains on a tour by bike.
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Bicycle weeks

3 days - from 180,00 ¤ double room

Taking the Elbe Cycle Route, Germany's most popular long-distance cycling route, you spend the night in the extraordinary Hundertwasser architecture project «The Green Citadel of Magdeburg«, right in the center of the beautiful state capital of Saxony-Anhalt.
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Active Vacations

3 days - from ¤ 205 double room

Visit the second greenest city in Germany and go on an active discovery tour. Numerous indoor and outdoor opportunities on land, water and in the air are guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.
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Discover Magdeburg's Green Sides on Bike

3 days - from ¤ 161,50 double room

Explore the green soul of the City of Otto. Café Seestrasse, in the immediate vicinity of the Elbe dam is the perfect starting point for eventful days in Magdeburg.
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Fresh Air? Freedom? Bicycle!

2 days - from ¤ 43 double room

The green City of Otto can ideally be explored by bike. Not only is Magdeburg part of Germany's most popular bike path, the Elbe Cycle Route, the city also boasts a plethora of attractions that are easily and practically reached on bike.
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The Passion for Golf

2 days - from ¤ 111 double room

If you too have been afflicted by a passion for golfing, we look forward to welcoming you, together with the Golfclub Magdeburg, in the beautiful City of Otto.
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By Bike along the Elbe

3 days - from ¤ 131 double room

Magdeburg is simply ideal for bike lovers. The Elbe Cycle Route, by far the most popular bike path in Germany, crosses the city directly. Enjoy the City of Otto from the saddle.
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