Lantern and lights tour for children - 1h

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Lantern and lights tour for children - 1h

Why is the GREEN CITADEL pink? Who put the golden balls on its roof? And how does a small version of the cathedral feel like?
Lampion- und Lichterführung für Kinder ©Magdeburg Marketing, Foto: A. Lander
This and many other ineresting questions will be answered when the small Magdeburg discoverers get a guided tour by the shine of lanterns and lights. The tour starts at the Monastery of Our Lady, goes by the tower "Kiek in de Koeken" and the Fürstenwall and ends with the Möllen­vogtei­garten and the cathedral square. 
every Wednesday on school vacation
5 p.m.
1 hour
7,00 € per person
5,00 € per child (5 to 14 years)
Meeting point
Monastery of Our Lady (north entrance)
End of route
Monastery of Our Lady
Please note
Advance booking is recommended. Max. 25 persons. The tour is conducted regardless of weather conditions. We recommend max. one accompanying person per child.Lanterns and lamps can be brought or purchased from the guide.

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