The «Blue Ribbon« of the Elbe River

The "Blue Ribbon" of the Elbe River

Magdeburg´s range of sights, attractions and activities is just as diverse as its attractive cityscape.

The river Elbe, for example, runs right through the heart of the city and offers an idyllic landscape that is the perfect setting for boat trips, bicycle tours, walks and strolls.
Magdeburg is also home to a number of extensive parks that offer plenty of space for anyone looking to play sport or simply chill out and relax.
In the warm summer months, these green spaces are transformed into open-air venues for a variety of events ranging from jazz festivals through to theatre performances.

The "Blue Ribbon" of the Elbe River

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Did you know that the Elbe, one of the most important European rivers, is the last free-flowing and unspoilt German river running through Germany?
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Waterway Junction

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The water-saving lock Rothensee and the longest canal bridge in Europe (918 m) which spans the river Elbe, the double ship lift Hohenwarthe and the connecting canals are all part of a gigantic building project to connect the waterways of Hanover, Magdeburg and Berlin. Take advantage of a tour to the Waterway Junction to marvel at the many technical attractions.
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Cruises offered by the Weiße Flotte

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Why not treat yourself to a wonderful cruise on one of the passenger ferries which offers a high standard of travel comfort and convenience - and enjoy the river landscape of the old Cathedral City.
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Today numerous bridges span the Elbe to connect the city districts where fords once crossed the river to connect the various islands.
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Elberadweg (Elbe cycle path)

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Cycling along the Elberadweg, a scenic cycle path connecting Prague and Hamburg and running through a unique landscape where rare animals and plants can be found, you will experience fabulous views of the area's natural beauty.
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Dine & Wine on the river Elbe

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Magdeburg has options for every taste and budget when it comes to dining and accommodation on the river Elbe. Visitors can treat themselves to homely fare or the finest gourmet food as well as choose among a variety of moderately priced to exclusive accommodation facilities.
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Water Sports and Aquatic Activities

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In Magdeburg, water tourists are spoilt for choice and options: swimming, surfing, diving, water-ski, kayak or dragon boat cruises through unspoilt nature, high speed motor or sailing boat rides, river ferry cruises, fishing and much more.
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