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D - 39114 Magdeburg
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Already in the 17th century many townspeople came to this stretch of land, dominated by meadows and pastures, and they rounded off their little excursion with a visit to the nearby pub which was named Herren or Neuer Krug (new jug).
Herrenkrug © HL Böhme
Herrenkrug © HL Böhme
Herrenkrug © HL Böhme
Herrenkrugpark © HL Böhme
Herrenkrug © HL Böhme
Herrenkrugpark © U. Arendt

 The green oasis which lies in all its splendour in the north-east of Magdeburg was created by the famous royal-Prussian garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné. In 1829, it was he who was commissioned with the transformation of the area into a stately park which was previously used for agricultural and gardening purposes. The horse race course, added to the park and built in 1906, has become an additional attraction for locals and guests alike.

It is a perfect place to relax and unwind, to take a leisurely stroll along the many pathways or under the many shade trees throughout the park. Some of the beautifully crafted sculptures such as the iron cast lion and the sun clock from 1861 deserve a special mention.

After suffering much destruction during the Second World War, the park as seen today enchants its many visitors with the most picturesque scenery, many beautiful sights and its innumerable flowers and plants. It is a marvel of garden architecture.


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