Costumed tours

Costumed tours

Colourful figures of Magdeburg's history give you a tour of our city.
Kostümführungen mit Kaiser Otto ©Andreas Lander, Magdeburg Marketing
Dive into the past, when Emperor Otto I., his wife Editha or other historical personalities show you their city; take a tour with the night watchman or meet real Magdeburg originals like Fliejentuten-Heinrich.  Children can get to know the city from a new point of view on our lantern and lights tour.

Evening City Walking Tour - 1h

Interner Link: Evening City Walking Tour - 1h
Come and enjoy a romantic walk through Magdeburg in the evening. Meet historic and fabled figures like Emperor Otto the Great or his consort Editha and follow their steps through the cathedral quarter.
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Night watchman tour - 1h

Interner Link: Night watchman tour - 1h
«Hark ye people, let me tell you our bell has told seven« (»Hört ihr Leut' und lasst euch sagen unsre Glock hat sieben geschlagen«) with this call the night watchman welcomes his guests and invites them on a tour through the nightly Magdeburg.
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Lantern and lights tour for children - 1h

Interner Link: Lantern and lights tour for children - 1h
Why is the GREEN CITADEL pink? Who put the golden balls on its roof? And how does a small version of the cathedral feel like?
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Fliejentuten-Heinrich tour - 2 h

Interner Link: Fliejentuten-Heinrich tour - 2 h
"Juten Tach!" means hello in the Magdeburg dialect. And that's what the Fliejentuten-Heinrich is all about. To show you the City of Otto as the old Magdeburgians know and love it.
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