Flurgalerie Eisenbart
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Flurgalerie Eisenbart

The «Flurgalerie Eisenbart» Art Gallery

Flurgalerie Eisenbart ©Janine Krausnick
Flurgalerie Eisenbart ©Janine Krausnick
Flurgalerie Eisenbart ©Janine Krausnick

The owners of the “Healthcare Professions Building” (the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt, the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Physicians, the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Pharmacists, the Saxony-Anhalt Association of Pharmacists and the German Pharmacists’ and Physicians’ Bank) in Magdeburg have been running the “Flurgalerie Eisenbart”, which is named after the “Doctor-Eisenbart-Ring” road in which the building is located, since 1997.

The gallery hosts five to six exhibitions every year and opens the events with a private viewing that takes place at 7pm on the first Tuesday of the exhibition.

The “Flurgalerie” was created with the aim of giving young lesser-known artists the opportunity to showcase their work and to bring art into the Healthcare Professions Building and is now also a popular venue among well-known artists from Saxony-Anhalt and further afield.

The artwork exhibited at the gallery ranges from paintings using acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolours and chalk through to graphic art, photography, printmaking techniques, textile paintings and collages and right through to textile objects and quilts.


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