The «Ostalgie-Kabinett»

Come and visit the only private museum dedicated to the former East Germany in the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt, the “Ostalgie-Kabinett” in the town of Langenweddingen in the Börde district, and delve into a world full of old memories and East German nostalgia! 

sandman © Ostalgie-Kabinett
The «Ostalgie-Kabinett» © Ostalgie-Kabinett
cosmetics © Ostalgie-Kabinett
toy © Ostalgie-Kabinett
Jungpionier © Ostalgie-Kabinett
Radio © Ostalgie-Kabinett
Camping © Ostalgie-Kabinett

This permanent exhibition is home to over 15,000 different exhibits including a true-to-life model of a cooperative shop, a typical East German living room, toys, sports and camping equipment, office and school items, a radio and television collection and much, much more.   Come and step back in time to explore the former East Germany!

Admission to the museum is free but donations for the preservation of the museum are gratefully received!