Magdeburg’s scenic surroundings attract many visitors by offering recreational facilities amidst a multitude of lakes, rivers and forests. Here, camping is a top priority!

Campingplatz Kolumbussee

The campsites are well kept and meet all your requirements. The following pages provide you with detailed information on the location and services of the Magdeburg campsites as well as the campsites in the surroundings in order to make your next camping trip an unforgettable adventure.



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There is a large campsite at Petriförder, which is situated in the city centre of Magdeburg next to the river banks of the Elbe. The city centre is easily accessible on foot.
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Campsite Barleber Lake - Magdeburg

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The car-free campsite is situated on the eastern shore of the scenic Barleber Lake north of Magdeburg which offers ideal sites amidst trees, hedges and shrubs and which stretches along the lakeshore.
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Holiday Park Plötzky - Kleiner Waldsee

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The Holiday Park Plötzky is situated in the midst of a wonderful recreation area surrounded by forests and 24 idyllic lakes which invite guests to go swimming, diving and fishing in the crystal clear blue and emerald-green water. The campsite is located on a land of meadows interspersed with trees and bushes.
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Campsite Kolumbus Lake - Plötzky

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The Kolumbus Lake is an old quarry which was filled with water after work ceased. It came into being in 1932 when quartzite rocks were quarried in the region. The lake covers a surface of approx. 10,000m² and the maximum depth measures 30m. It is situated in a beautiful forest with numerous bungalows close by.
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Campsite Gisela-Eder-Lake - Plötzky

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Every year, the very popular lake and its large campsite are a famous visiting point for enthusiastic swimmers and sunbathers. The Eder Lake attracts many children and sports fans thanks to its adventure playground and beach volleyball court.
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Steinhafen - Pretzien

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In former times, the large Elbe boats anchored at the so-called «Steinhafen» (stone haven) near the river banks, which was used to load vessels with quartzite rocks from the neighbouring quarries and transport them to distant regions. Today, the numerous landing platforms serve as berths and moorings for sport and fishing boats. The campsite is situated directly on the shore.
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Recreation centre Jersleber Lake

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The Jersleber Lake is situated in the midst of the typical, rich Börde region approx. 15km from Magdeburg. The campsite is surrounded by a small poplar forest and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Mittelland Canal which makes it an ideal place for recreation and leisure for every age and interest.
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The Niegripper Lake Campsite

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The picturesque lake known as «Niegripper See» is located 1km to the west of the German town of Burg in the «Külzauer Forst» nature reserve. Its waters currently cover an area of 120 ha and are directly connected to the Elbe-Havel Canal (via a lock leading to the river Elbe) and the «Niegripper Altkanal» canal.
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