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Welcome to Magdeburg, City of Otto!

Magdeburg is a city with a very rich and colourful history.
Emperor Otto the Great and Otto von Guericke left their mark on Magdeburg and are the namesakes of the City of Otto.

Nowadays, the 1200-year-old metropolis by the river Elbe, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout its history, is not only characterised by impressive historic medieval buildings, quaint Baroque façades and monumental districts from the “Gründerzeit” period, but also by its modern architecture.

Come and experience historic tales and modern stories about the city of Magdeburg. You‘re sure to be surprised.

Discover Magdeburg

Magdeburg Cathedral

Magdeburg Cathedral

Magdeburg Cathedral is the first Gothic-style cathedral to be constructed on German soil, one of the largest church buildings in Germany and the most famous attraction in the City of Otto.

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The Green Citadel

The Green Citadel

One of Magdeburg's most eye-catching attractions for visitors is also one of the last architectural masterpieces designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

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Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady

Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady

The Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady is the most important venue for contemporary art and sculpture in the state of Saxony-Anhalt and is one of the region's most popular tourist attractions.

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Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall

The Town Hall of Magdeburg dates back to the 12th and 13th century. The oldest remains can be found in the vaults which form part of today's Ratskeller restaurant.

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St. John's Church

St. John's Church

St. John's Church is Magdeburg's oldest parish church, which was first mentioned in 941. Traces of Martin Luther and Otto von Guericke can be found both in front of and inside the church, which is now predominantly used as a venue for conferences and cultural events.

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The Millennium Tower

The Millennium Tower

One of the city's highlights is its 60-metre-high Millennium Tower in the Elbauenpark, which houses an interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through 6000 years of human history in the fields of science and technology.

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This is Magdeburg

1.200 years old, Magdeburg is one of the oldest cities in the east of Germany. Not many Middleeuropean have such a storied history.

1. Otto-Richter-Straße Fassadenanstrich: 1921
Johanniskirche Magdeburg
Kaiser Otto I ©A.Lander
Lukasklause ©LichtMomenteGunnarGunnarsson
© LichtMomenteGunnarGunnarsson
Lutherstadtführung ©Magdeburg Marketing / Andreas Lander
Magdeburger Dom ©
Rathaus ©LichtMomenteGunnarGunnarson

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