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Twin City Zaporizhia

                Wappen Saporoshje   

Zaporizhia (Ukrainian Zaporizhia, German Saporischja or Saporischje, Russian Saporoschje, formerly Ukrainian Olexandriwsk, Russian Alexandrowsk) is located in Southern Ukraine, approx. 70 km south of the city of Dnipropetrovsk on the Dnieper River (Ukrainian Dnipro). It is the administrative centre of the Zaporizhia Oblast (region).

Zaporizhia is divided into 7 administrative Rajone (regions) (Rajon Schowtnewe, Rajon Sawod, Rajon Komuna, Rajon Lenin, Rajon Ordschonikidse, Rajon Chortyzja, Rajon Schewtschenko) and one urban-like settlement (Teplytschne).

Magdeburg and Zaporizhia are separated by a distance of 1662 km.
The total area of the city is 334 km².
Zaporizhia has a population of 794,687.

There are excellent transport links between Zaporizhia and Magdeburg, by road, rail and river. As well as being an industrial centre, the city is also a cultural hub, with a wide array of universities, theatres and museums. These are of high potential for possible collaborations in the domains of culture and science.

Positive long-term contact between the Magdeburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Zaporizhia was the determining factor behind the signed declaration of a partnership between the two cities on 4th July 2005 and an agreement signed by the Mayor of Magdeburg on 26th April 2007 as advances towards the finalisation of a Twin City Agreement.  



Partnerschaftsvertrag Magdeburg und Saporoshje


The Twin City Agreement was signed by the Mayor of the City of Zaporizhia, Dr Jewgen Kartaschow and the Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr Lutz Trümper in Magdeburg on 29th May 2008.

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