Stadtpark Rotehorn
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The Stadtpark Rotehorn is one of the most scenic German garden parks fashioned in English style where the green heart of the city beats. The park was created on an Elbe island in the middle of the city.
Stadtpark Rothehorn © MMKT GmbH
Stadtpark Rotehorn ©
Stadtpark Rothehorn © MMKT GmbH
Stadtpark Rotehorn ©
Stadtpark Rothehorn © MMKT GmbH
Stadtpark Rothehorn ©
Stadtpark Rothehorn © MMKT GmbH

Today the Stadtpark is the most popular recreation area for the locals. Particularly in summer locals flock to the park in order to paddle around the Adolf-Mittag-See or to relax in the beer garden, have a drink and enjoy the view of the lake. There are always many sports activities going on in the park, however you can also just relax and stroll along the many winding paths.

Historical background

At the beginning of the 19th century, the eastern banks of the island were used as a bathing beach after the Cracauer weir was built in 1819. In 1871, the City Council decided that the wild southern part of the island should be transformed into a park landscape. It was again garden director Paul Niemeyer who designed the Stadtpark and supervised its creation on an area which covered 25 hectares. The southern tip of the island, home to old fortress installations which went under the name of Fort XII, and the eastern banks towards the Alte Elbe river arm were excluded from the park area because they were often flooded by the river. They were only included in 1898 following the decisive extension of the park area. Around this time, the Adolf-Mittag-Lake and the temple on the Marieninsel (small island in the middle of the lake) were created.


The Town Hall Magdeburg, another architectural highlight, can be found in this spacious area. In 1927, the hall was constructed in Bauhaus-style for the occasion of the German theatre exposition which caused considerable international sensation. Later, a view tower soaring to 60m and the Pferdetor were added.

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