Wonderful Walking Tours through Magdeburg
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Wonderful Walking Tours through Magdeburg

Come and enjoy a guided walking tour through the city of Magdeburg and you won’t believe your eyes. The former fortress and Hanseatic city is sure to surprise you with a multitude of interesting sights, attractions and historical insights that you simply have to experience up close and in person.

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A guided city tour in Magdeburg is the best way to gain a comprehensive overview of the wide variety of stunning landmarks that can be found in the capital city of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt. Your walking tour of the city can be tailored to suit your individual needs and desires. The city has so many sights and attractions to offer that it's easy to find the perfect tour focus for every taste.

To top it off, if your feet start to ache but you haven’t yet seen all of the city’s highlights, you can also choose to sit back and relax in a double-decker bus or go on a boat trip with the “Weiße Flotte” (White Fleet) to see even more. Our guided tours enable you to constantly re-discover the impressive city of Magdeburg from a number of different fascinating perspectives.

Evening City Walking Tour - 1 Hour

Interner Link: Evening City Walking Tour - 1 Hour
Come and enjoy a romantic walk through Magdeburg in the evening.
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Guided Public Walking Tour - 2 Hours

Interner Link: Guided Public Walking Tour - 2 Hours
This guided walking tour will take you to the city's old market square (Alter Markt) and its «Magdeburg Horseman» statue and to St John's Church, in which Martin Luther once preached. You will also visit Romanesque buildings such as the Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady and have the chance to find out more about the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
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A Guided Tour of the Mark Fortress - 1 Hour

Interner Link: A Guided Tour of the Mark Fortress - 1 Hour
Our interesting guided tours of the Mark Fortress by the Hohepfortewall rampart give you the opportunity to explore a former Prussian fortress that formed an important part of the northern section of Magdeburg's former defence installations.
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Night Watchman Tour - 1 h in Historical Costume

Interner Link: Night Watchman Tour - 1 h in Historical Costume
Accompany the night watchman on his evening walk through medieval Magdeburg and hear some of his unusual stories about his city. This romantic evening walking tour will show you Magdeburg from a completely different side.
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