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The GETEC-Arena is one of the most modern halls in Germany and serves as the largest multi-purpose hall in Saxony-Anhalt: with a seating capacity of 7000, enthusiastic spectators can enjoy a multitude of exciting sporting events and music performances. The hall has significantly influenced the German-wide reputation of Magdeburg as an excellent venue in Germany by hosting several successful TV productions on ARD, RTL and MDR.

GETEC Arena ©W.Klapper
GETEC Arena, Handballspiel ©Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg
GETEC Arena DÄT Veranstaltung ©MVGM

Athletes are impressed by the excellent training and match conditions, musicians and entertainers appreciate the hall's modern atmosphere and they all love the enthusiastic Magdeburg audience. The Bördelandhalle also astonishes its audience with its fascinating architecture and changeable floor plan. In addition, it actually belongs to the next generation of halls thanks to its easy reachability in close proximity to the city centre, accessibility for the disabled and the attractive terms and conditions for television broadcasts. Does it sound like we are extremely proud of our Bördelandhalle? Well you are absolutely right! And every visitor who has been here will agree with us. Stefan Kretzschmar, a very successful German handball player, sums it up: “In international comparison, the Börderlandhalle meets an excellent standard!“

This is where our audience comes from: 3 million people live within a radius of a one hour drive in the region between Salzwedel, Stendal and Halle, Hanover, Dessau and Brandenburg.
Thanks to Magdeburg’s direct connection to the three-lane A2 motorway and the A14 motorway our guests really can arrive within an hour. Thus Magdeburg is located in the centre of the vibrant Hanover-Berlin-Leipzig triangle. That’s comfort for sure.

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