The 10th International Puppetry Festival - «CHANGE OF VIEW»
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The 10th International Puppetry Festival – “CHANGE OF VIEW”

In Magdeburg from 20th to 26th June 2014

In 2013, in tragically perfect timing with the 10th anniversary of what is now the most acclaimed festival in the world of puppetry, the city of Magdeburg and surrounding area were hit by severe flooding that resulted in large-scale damage and losses and made it impossible for Magdeburg Puppet Theatre, the host and organiser of the 10th International Puppetry Festival, to continue and safeguard its logistical preparations. The Festival therefore had to be cancelled.

After being forced to cancel the event last year, the Puppet Theatre decided to hold the festival this year instead. In the run-up to the 10th International Puppetry Festival, the site of the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre is being transformed into a fantastic ‘shared world’. The ‘Cultural Island’ created in the “Mühlberg” when the Puppetry Collection in the villa p. in the Buckau district of Magdeburg was opened has also given the museum the opportunity to hold a new open-air opening event that is even more closely connected to the festival itself.

The International Puppetry Festivals enables guests to go on evening journeys of exploration, rediscover familiar and unknown locations and make unexpected encounters with mermaids and street painters, ageing gentlemen and corpulent ladies and with Punch, the crocodile and a number of mysterious men dressed up in tails.

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