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The Department for Business Development, Tourism and Regional Co-operation of Magdeburg, capital city of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, works to promote and support business in Magdeburg. We are the ideal contact for all questions and issues concerning Magdeburg as a business location and committed to maintain, strengthen and further develop the attractiveness, dynamic activity and competitiveness of the city.
Rainer Nitsche - Head of Department for Business Development, Tourism and Regional Co-operation
Our staff plays an active role in supporting the local economy, in partnership, we work to promote the business activities of companies in Magdeburg. We consider our department to be a service provider and partner for companies and establishments in the city and for interested parties and investors from Germany and abroad. We support planning and approval procedures, provide advice on investment plans and projects, help local companies, assist founders of start-up companies, provide information on commercial properties and rental space. Our department puts companies in contact with other public authorities and cooperation partners, presents the Magdeburg location on a regional, national and international level and attracts qualified staff from abroad to local companies.

We have an important role as a link and act as a channel of communication between the local economy and potential investors, administration departments, institutions and, in individual cases, political authorities. In doing so, we focus on working in a flexible manner that keeps the red tape to a minimum.

An overview of our specialist areas:

  • Providing support and assistance for existing companies
  • Procuring business premises & providing real estate services
  • Supporting and assisting company relocations
  • Site Marketing
  • Consultation on funding
  • Advice and assistance for start-up companies
  • Regional cooperation and tourism
  • International Office for Economic Development
  • Relocation Service


Beigeordneter (Head of Department)
Department for Business Development, Tourism and Regional Co-operation of Magdeburg
Head of Department for Business Development, Tourism and Regional Co-operation
Julius-Bremer-Straße 10
D - 39104 Magdeburg
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