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Otto Is Doing Well – Also in Economic Terms

Magdeburg is an attractive business location for both German and international companies. Well-networked contacts in the city's economic development department work efficiently to support entrepreneurs. Quick approval procedures, extremely well-developed industrial sites at affordable property prices, extensive funding possibilities, optimal transport connections, qualified workers and opportunities to cooperate with scientific and research institutions are just a few of the many highlights that make Magdeburg such an impressive investment location.

Interner Link: Mechanical and plant engineering
Mechanical and plant engineering
Tradition and innovation: mechanical and plant engineering-->
OVGU-Pressebild, Fotograf: Stefan Berger
Tradition and innovation: mechanical and plant engineering
The field of mechanical ...
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Interner Link: Logistics
Always on the go.
Magdeburg’s outstanding motorway and train connections make the capital city of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt a central traffic junction ...
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Interner Link: Health management
Health management
Researching and working on a high level Health management has also become an important economic sector in Magdeburg and the surrounding region, above all in the ...
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Interner Link: Cultural and creative industry
Cultural and creative industry
Ingenious ideas: the cultural and creative industry
The cultural and creative industry has prospered in Magdeburg and is now considered to be an important economic sector ...
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Interner Link: Information and communication technology
Information and communication technology
A digital city: the technology-oriented industries. OVGU-Pressebild, Fotograf: Ulrich Arendt
The capital city of Saxony-Anhalt is strongly involved in planning and programming for the digital ...
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Interner Link: Ecotechnology and life-cycle management
Ecotechnology and life-cycle management

A clean affair: recycling management, environmental technologies and renewable energies
The business areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency offer an economic basis ...
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