Main Post Office
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Main Post Office


Main Post Office

The main post office on Breiter Weg was erected between 1895 and 1899. In order to proceed with the extension of the building, the German Reichspost acquired the neighbouring premises on which the German Reformed church and one of Magdeburg's most beautiful residential buildings, the Rochsche House, stood.
Gradually these magnificent buildings were torn down and in particular in the case of the Rochsche House the citizens of Magdeburg voiced their clear opposition to this development. To accommodate the public's concern, the gable and bay of the house were copied and built into the western side of the main post building.
The facade of the main post office was erected in late Dutch Gothic style whereas the western front embraces German Renaissance style.
A memorial plate at the post building reminds us of the fact that Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, military advisor to Washington and one of the American Revolution's most celebrated military heroes, was baptised in the German Reformed Church in 1730.
The beautifully crafted facade of the main post office underwent extensive restoration work in the summer of 1990.


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