The Town Hall
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Town Hall


Das Rathaus auf dem Alten Markt, ©HL BöhmeSince the 13th century, the eastern side of the Alter Markt (old market) has been dominated by the Town Hall.
The first Town Hall, in whose vaults the municipal archives were kept, was destroyed by Tilly's army in 1631. What remains of the medieval splendour are the vaults which form part of today's Ratskeller restaurant. Throughout the centuries, the Town Hall has witnessed many important events. In 1325, angry citizens beat Archbishop Burchard III to death after long-lasting disputes. Today the Archbishop hall, named after the tragic death of the clergyman, recalls the historic event. From 1691 to 1698 the Town Hall in its present guise was built under the direction of Heinrich Schmutze. The two-storey sandstone building was erected in Dutch Renaissance style including Italian Renaissance architecture. In the 19th century, it underwent a number of changes and extensions. In January 1945, however, the Town Hall was completely destroyed during an air raid - like so many other buildings of the city. From 1965 to 1969 it was rebuilt, true to the original, and restored to its former beauty.
The bronze doors of the Town Hall designed by the sculptor Heinrich Apel and carved with important historical figures and stories from the city's rich past as well as the impressive 47 bell carillon deserve a special mention.

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